Most Popular Photo Print Sizes

There are many different sizes of prints you can print photos. Many photo labs will print hundreds of different size photos. Below is a chart with the most popular photo print sizes that people order. This chart will also show you how many megapixels you need to be able to print photos of each size.

The 4 most popular photo print sizes ordered to print from photo labs are:

  • 5×7
  • 8×12
  • 8×10
  • 4×6

How do you know if your camera has enough pixels to print each size? How large of a print are you printing? How large of a print will your customers want printed? Most digital SLR cameras on the market today have plenty of pixels to print large photos. Most DSLR cameras are overkill when it comes to the amount of megapixels the camera is capable of capturing on the DSLR camera’s photo sensor.

You can use this photo size chart below to figure out how many pixels you need to print different size photo prints. The chart below is of most popular photo print sizes. This photo size chart is based on 200PPI. Many photographers will never have their photos printed larger than 12×18, which printing at 200PPI, your camera only needs to be capable of 8.64 MP. So when considering buying a DSLR camera, you don’t need to have the highest megapixel possible to print large photos. The amount of pixels a DSLR camera has doesn’t mean it is a better DSLR camera or higher quality digital SLR camera. Keep that in mind when you are purchasing your DSLR camera.

9 Most Popular Photo Print Sizes

Photo Print Size Photo Aspect Ratio Photo Pixels Photo PPI Camera MegaPixels Needed
4×6 2:3 800×1200 200 0.96 MP
5×7 5:7 1000×1400 200 1.4 MP
8×10 4:5 1600×2000 200 3.2 MP
8×12 2:3 1600×2400 200 3.84 MP
11×14 11:14 2200×2800 200 6.16 MP
12×18 2:3 2400×3600 200 8.64 MP
16×20 4:5 3200×4000 200 12.8 MP
20×30 2:3 4000×6000 200 24 MP
24×36 2:3 4800×7200 200 34.56 MP






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