DSLR Camera Manual Exposure Settings

In digital photography you will most likely have a manual setting exposure mode on your camera. This manual exposure mode is to allow you to control all exposure settings manually without any assistance from the camera’s software or hardware. I’m sure all DSLR camera’s have this settings and I know a lot of digital point and shoot cameras have this exposure mode as well.

What do all these manual settings do? Well in this tutorial you will learn what each of these settings are used for and how they will effect your photo’s exposure.

The manual settings you will have on your DSLR camera in the manual exposure mode setting will be ISO, shutter speed, and aperture.

Each one of these settings will effect your photo in a different way. Each one of these manual settings are meant to make your photo brighter or darker depending on what setting you use. Also with each one of these manual exposure settings there is side effects. Not only will each one of these settings let in more or less light, but it will also effect other areas of your photo as well.

For example you can adjust your shutter speed to let in more light by using a slower shutter speed. Which will allow the shutter to stay open longer, which lets in more light to your camera’s image sensor. The side effect of using a slower shutter speed if you move your camera while the shutter is open or if the object you’re taking a photo of moves while the shutter is open it will become motion blurred. Now sometimes you may want to use this side effect to make a jogger look like he or she is running fast, but not being aware of this side effect can also cause a photo to become very low quality from the motion blur and be completely ruined.

I recommend reading more about what is ISO speed, what is shutter speed, and what is aperture. To learn more about ISO speed, aperture, and shutter speed.






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