Category: Camera Exposure Settings

  • What is Aperture Size

    Many beginner photographers often ask what is aperture size? What does the aperture setting do? How does aperture effect my photos? What determines the size of the aperture size I can use? In this photography tutorial on aperture size you will learn all about changing your exposure using aperture. What is Aperture Size Aperture size […]

  • What is Shutter Speed

    You’ve searched for what is shutter speed, how to set shutter speed, how shutter speed effects a photo, and probably many other questions about shutter speed. In this tutorial you will learn about a camera’s shutter speed and how it effects your photographs. What is Shutter Speed? Shutter speed on a camera controls the speed […]

  • How to Change ISO Speed on DSLR Camera

    After learning about ISO speed settings and how ISO speed effects a photo and you are now ready to learn how to change your ISO speed on your DSLR camera. Not every DSLR camera is the same. I’ve used Canon, Nikon, and Sony DSLR cameras and each one you have to change the ISO speed […]

  • What is DSLR Exposure ISO Speed Setting

    So you’ve been searching around looking for camera ISO settings, what is ISO setting, how to change ISO setting, what else does ISO setting effect, and probably many other questions related to the photography exposure setting ISO speed. Well in this DSLR tutorial on what is DSLR exposure ISO setting, you will learn the answers […]

  • DSLR Camera Manual Exposure Settings

    In digital photography you will most likely have a manual setting exposure mode on your camera. This manual exposure mode is to allow you to control all exposure settings manually without any assistance from the camera’s software or hardware. I’m sure all DSLR camera’s have this settings and I know a lot of digital point […]